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Aluminium Box Frame Furniture

Specialist Metal has developed a unique versatile jointing process for aluminium box profiles that does not require welding.

The non-welded joint provides sleek clean lines through out the item of furniture and has the added advantage of allowing rapid final assembly in situ for bulky items.

In fill panels using mesh, timber, or glass are fitted using a clip on beading system which allows any fixings to floor, wall or ceiling to be hidden under the beading.

This versatile system has been used in a wide variety of applications from panel framing, to shelving units to seating.


Polyester Powder Coated – Our powder coat colour range is virtually unlimited.  Offering the RAL classic colour range as well as a colour match service to most popular paint brands we are confident we can offer a colour to meet your design scheme.

We also offer a range of metallic colours designed to offer the versatility and durability of powder coat but mimic the appearance of natural or anodised metals.

Brushed – Brushed finishes take on the natural colour of the chosen metal and provide a low sheen finish.  For further durability, the finish can be protected by a clear lacquer although this is often unnecessary.

Anodised – Anodising is an electrochemical finishing process that colours the surface of aluminium materials and enhances the natural oxide layer that protects aluminium to provide greater corrosion resistance.

Real Wood Veneered – We offer our aluminium framing system in our real wood veneer finish.  To learn more about our real wood veneered aluminium please visit our Veneered Aluminium product page here.

Other finishing processes – Talk to us about any custom finishes you require.  Our previous experience includes PVD coloured finish on stainless steel, liquid metal coatings, corten steels, and blackening.

Profile Size – Our modular aluminium framing system can be applied to frames constructed from 1” x 1” (25 x 25mm) hollow section aluminium profiles or larger. Common profiles sizes include:

  • 1” x 1” (25 x 25mm)
  • 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” (32mm x 32mm)
  • 1 ½” x 1 ½” (38 x 38mm)
  • 2” x 2” (50 x 50 mm)

Other sizes available upon request.

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