Cathy’s Story – Women in Construction

Construction is a diverse industry employing both men and women. Women in construction make up around 14% of the construction industry, with opportunities on the rise.

A diverse workplace is an asset to any industry and having more diverse staff working in a range of roles will result in broader ideas and approaches to problems. Women and men can think differently, so companies will benefit from having fresh approaches and different strategies.

Over the years there has been more opportunities for women in the construction industry, with the need for growth and development and at Specialist, we have above industry standard number of females working with us in all areas including at board level, senior management, production and onsite. We are proud of our inspiring Specialist Ladies for their constant effort and commitment towards the success of Specialist.

We are delighted to introduce you to Cathy Cleary, our Purchasing and Sustainability Manager. Cathy joined the business in 2012 and she plays a major role in the negotiation of procurement contracts, coordination of the supply chain and delivery flows. Cathy enjoys that her job always brings a variety of work, no two jobs are the same.

Watch the video below to hear Cathy’s full story:

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