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Lillie Clubhouse Spa

Specialist Glass and Metal worked closely with ERP Architects to provide a stunning Fit Out for Lillie Clubhouse Spa in London.

“The pool area is housed in the basement of a ten story apartment development. The visible support columns are a constant reminder of the structural pressure this part of the building experiences. This is hardly conducive to creating a relaxing environment. We wanted to de-emphasise the building’s structural engineering and create a calm atmosphere.” – EPR Architects

We worked with the designer to create a three layered reflective glass covering for the pillars. As well as disguising the reinforced concrete the panels would reflect the room and create the illusion of lightness. The mirrored glass panels illustrates an optical illusion  as it appears to be transparent revealing the pool and the rear pillar, however in reality the pool and pillar are a reflection of the opposite end of the pool.

This detail illustrates the reflective materials used to create the impression of transparency which disguises the structural support within. Our attention to detail continued throughout the whole apartment development with each storage area incorporating gold fabric infused with glass to create an unique texture to the changing room doors. The combination of fabric and glass meets the structural requirements while including an innovative design.



  • Location: London
  • Architect: ERP Architects

"We are extremely happy with our Specialist Glass collaboration"

ERP Architects

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