Specialist Group adds Bee Farming to Sustainability Actions

Specialist Group is fully committed to helping the environment and has recently added Bee Farming to sustainability actions.

Bees make a great contribution to the world around us by promoting pollination, a process critical in maintaining plant life, without them many plants we rely on for food would die off. They also provide shelter and food for many of their predators and if their population falls these predators must find food elsewhere.

Regular inspections are taken by our ‘Specialist Beekeeper’ to ensure the Queen Bee is present and that she is laying a sufficient quota of eggs (anything up to 3,000) and to check that the bees have enough space. Specialist Group built a ‘Specialist’ bee stand that is collapsible should we wish to move the bees to another location.

Fun Fact – When moving the bees hives, the rule is to move them less than three foot or more than three miles. Otherwise, they will have difficulty returning to the hive that they belong to.

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