Capacity for More in 2024

Specialist Group has enjoyed a very positive start to the year thanks to a strong order book secured in 2023.

We’re in a fortunate position to have picked up our biggest ever contract in 2023 – a really exciting project and one we are well equipped to handle across every department in the business.

However, we feel this has perhaps created the perception in the marketplace that we are maxed out in our capacity for new projects, and we want to assure our customers that this isn’t the case. Our investment in the right people, processes and machinery means we also have ample capacity to take on new projects.

As MD Ciarán O’Hagan explains:

Over the years and particularly in recent times, we’ve significantly invested in our factory and storage space, our equipment, in recruitment and in software to set us on the best footing to service our customer effectively.

This commitment to capacity comes against a somewhat mixed fortune fit-out market outlook. Whilst fit-out continues to grow despite a tightening in the overall construction market and whilst material prices have finally settled following huge surges post pandemic, the market continues to face struggles with wage increases, labour shortages and insurance hikes. We’re here to assure our customers of our capacity and competence to respond effectively to these market conditions and achieve continuity of the level of service and the security of supply for which we are synonymous.

Our Capacity has been Guaranteed by
  • Significant Investment in Machinery

As well as the significant investment in technological advancements in recent years, this also includes our latest £2m investment in automation which will launch in July 2024.

  • Intricate Integrated CRM/ERP Project Management System – The Specialist Way.

This sophisticated system enables the tracking of each project from concept to completion including real-time progress capability, allowing our customers an accurate assessment of how their project is progressing at any given time.

  • Over 145,000 square feet of Factory Capacity

Our impressive HQ enables sufficient space for our vast machinery and also includes significant storage capacity for projects not yet ready for delivery.

  • Significant Investment in People

We are committed to investing in people at all levels, including our long-standing apprenticeship model which now embraces all departments.

Our dedicated teams, streamlined processes, and strategic resource allocation empower us to seamlessly manage substantial workloads without compromising quality or timelines. We continually invest in expanding our capabilities, ensuring that our clients can rely on us to meet their evolving needs efficiently and effectively.

Rest assured, our commitment to excellence means that no workload is too substantial for us to handle with precision and proficiency.

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